Instagram for nail artist

Instagram for nail artist

1 Personal information
Write about your experience and qualification, list the services you provide. Don’t forget to mention your city and the area you work in, in order to not miss clients living nearby and expecting to find the perfect nail artist!

2 Pictures
The most important part of an Instagram profile is pictures. Beautiful photos have become an art form and here are some tips for you to perfect them:

Perfect manicure
Before taking a picture, make sure everything is really perfect. Check if there is any polish on the cuticles, take care of all shortcomings. Remember that even the smallest details matter. Experienced beauty-photographers recommend keeping the cuticles from drying out for the picture. Moisturize the skin with an oil or a cream.

Natural lighting is the best way to go. Pictures taken outside or near a window in a sunny weather are the lightest and the warmest. Otherwise, use a speedlight or a special light box.

A good background is as important as the manicure itself. The easiest solution is a plain white background. Pictures with such a background always look stylish. Keep the background clean and smooth. Think creatively – take a picture of the manicure against flowers, against an ocean, against a beautiful brick wall, a trendy handbag or a close texture. Make sure the manicure doesn’t fade against the background.

Body language
Model’s hands should look soft and elegant. Avoid unnatural positions – too curled up or too widely spread fingers looking like a bird’s foot. A nail polish bottle in the hand is the easiest idea for a beautiful shot. A model may lay her hands on her waist or touch her face with them. In any case, experiment with actions, not manicures – fixing the hair, writing a text, holding a baby’s hand.

Feel like an artist and accessorize your shots: flowers, fruit, a cup of coffee and cookies, notebooks and books.

Camera settings
Choose macro or focus on the hands. Use the speedlight, if needed.

Filters may become the tool for creating the unique style of the profile. Filters may also help to hide the shortcomings (for example, dark edges), if needed.

3 Cooperate with brands
Tag brands that you use for work on your Instagram pictures. Many brands repost beautiful pictures taken by their clients crediting their creators. This will help to attract new followers and clients.

Tag our account @reformanails and use gel polish articles as hashtags. For example, put a #941846 hashtag if you used Black King.

4 Befriend your followers
Post your personal pictures from time to time and tell your followers few words about yourself. The public enjoys watching real people, not only their work. For example, post a picture of yourself while working and tell how the quality of your services is different from your competitors’. This helps to build trusting relationships with the followers and to attract new clients.

Find your own style and stay true to it. Stand out and emphasize your uniqueness, but don’t conform to anyone or try to be like anybody. Be yourself and you’ll find new clients and followers easy to work and communicate with.

5 Clients’ reviews

Your Instagram account forms your nail artist’s reputation and helps to create a personal brand. Post clients’ reviews in your account in order to find more loyal followers.

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