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Do you know what ReformA is? It's 15 years of one big adventure, made possible by the dozens of passionate professionals who create it, and the hundreds of thousands of wonderful people around the world who love it.

Long story short.

In 2008, an entrepreneur with three university degrees in chemistry, economics and business management thought about the concept of the ReformA brand - the best from the best for the best. Then the main idea was voiced: to create the unique products with the help of the best professionals for the most demanding clients.

In 2009, the company Reform Cosmetics appeared in London and began developing and making products for the most demanding professionals in the beauty industry.

In 2010, ReformA is selling its products in the European Union, and in 2011, distributors appeared 12 countries of EU, in Ukraine, Canada and the United Arab Emirates.

In 2016, the British declared their desire to leave the EU, and this influenced our decision to move the most of our business to the territory of the European Union, namely Poland.

Now our product is the result of the work of professionals from all over the world. The production cycle and the result involve specialists from the UK, USA, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Poland, South Korea and China, where our branded glass bottles with the ReformA logo have been produced for 15 years.

Creating from scratch, developing and maintaining high positions in such a competitive field as the beauty industry requires not only professionalism, but also sincere passion for your business.

15 years of work in a highly competitive market suggests that ReformA is not just another company, it is not just another product on the market, but a source of inspiration and trust for many tens of thousands of grateful customers, without whom no company can exist.

We are not looking for more sales at any price, we are not “buying” our client with huge discounts, and we are not looking for compromises between price and quality. We value our work and our product because we know that it is better than the vast majority of those on the market. We know that our product is not for everyone, but only for those who understand the difference. We respect our client, because only an experienced and knowledgeable client can appreciate our work.

ReformA is also a philosophy of respect for nature and future generations. The company does not test its products on animals and strives to minimise its carbon footprint, understanding its responsibility to the planet.

Perfection cannot be achieved, but we are distinguished by the strength of our desire to get closer to it. We have 15 years of hard work, commitment to excellence and continuous learning behind us.

ReformA is the story of how believing in your ideas, tireless work and the pursuit of excellence can lead to the creation of something truly worthwhile.



Short Brand Book (colors, typography, logo)

Reform – vector logo

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