"Old Money" - new collection of Liquid Gels

"Old Money" - new collection of Liquid Gels

Inspiration for our newest collection of Liquid Gels came from the term "Old Money" - if you ever wonder how history inspires our nail products, in this case, please read on.

"Old Money" is a term often used to describe families or individuals whose wealth was established several generations ago and has been passed down from generation to generation. In the context of the United Kingdom, this term holds particular significance given the country's lengthy history of aristocracy, landed estates, and familial inheritance.

  1. Aristocracy and Landed Estates: In the UK, many "old money" families are associated with the aristocracy. Traditionally, these families owned vast tracts of land that generated income through rent and agriculture.
  2. Education and Social Connections: "Old money" families often sent their children to prestigious private schools and universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge. This not only ensured a high standard of education but also helped cement social connections.
  3. Culture and Etiquette: Individuals belonging to "old money" often adhere to strict etiquette rules that differentiate them from the nouveau riche. They may also have particular pastimes such as hunting, horse riding, or art collecting.
  4. Investments and Philanthropy: Instead of spending on conspicuous consumption, "old money" families often invest their resources in long-term assets or engage in philanthropy.

The concept of "old money" in the UK is tied to a long-standing history, traditions, and culture that set these families apart from those who have recently acquired their wealth. It's more than just a financial status; it also reflects a certain lifestyle, values, and education.

  1. Scarlet Desire: Luxurious scarlet gowns were worn only by the highest-ranking ladies of the aristocracy at royal balls. This color symbolizes passion, opulence, and status.
  2. Soft Taupe: Reminiscent of the sophisticated leather upholstery of ancient libraries and vintage books, this shade takes us back to the times when knowledge and education were a matter of pride among the "old money."
  3. Beige Embrace: Elegant and noble, beige dresses were popular among aristocratic ladies who favored a refined and understated style.
  4. Wine Symphony: Wine is an art, and each bottle tells a story. This rich shade reminds us of old winemaking estates and exclusive wine cellars.
  5. Spicy Tango: This deep and passionate shade is inspired by the exotic dances that were popular at the turn of the century among the aristocracy.
  6. Apple Glaze: This intense red shade is inspired by the "Red Delicious" apples, which have long been considered a symbol of abundance and luxury. Bright and juicy, these apples adorned the tables at majestic balls and receptions among the aristocracy, underlining their status and exquisite taste.
  7. Redwoods: This deep shade of red reminds us of the powerful and majestic redwood trees that stood on the lands of ancient estates, symbolizing the strength and resilience of the family.

Liquid Gel is an innovative material that has an optimal combination of ductility and rigidity, which provides a high degree of control during modeling. This product is ideal for strengthening natural nails, correcting imperfections and straightening the nail plate. With its help, you can effectively work in the technique without using failing, creating medium-length nails. After the polymerization process, the material forms a stable and durable coating that can retain its qualities for several weeks.

Advantages of Liquid Gel:

  • Can serve as an independent coating or a base layer for gel polish.
  • Provides a stable coating without shrinkage and does not require additional filing.
  • Suitable for all levels of experience, from beginners to professionals.
  • Curing time in UV lamp: 60 seconds

Liquid Gel step-by-step application technology:

Nail Plate Preparation: Use a 220/240 grit file to remove the glossy surface.

Dehydration: Treat the nail plate with a cleanser.

Preparation: Apply Nail Prep to degrease and prepare.

Primer: Use Ultrabond Primer to optimize adhesion.

Base Coat: Apply Rubber Base or Base Coat in a thin layer.

Base Coat Curing: Cure under UV lamp for 1 minute.

First Layer of Liquid Gel: Apply a thin layer (do not cure).

Second Layer of Liquid Gel: Apply a leveling layer and cure for 2-3 minutes.

Shaping: If necessary, adjust the shape using a file at the required angle.

Top Coat: Apply top coat, covering the surface and the free edge of the nail from the back side.

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