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Starter Kit Gel
Starter Kit Gel

Starter Kit Gel

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Start with gels from ReformA!

In our opinion, the best way to start your adventure with the gel method is a set of these cosmetics:

  1. base and gel top:

  • Base Gel, 10ml – thin gel base,

  • Top Gel, 10ml - thin, shiny finishing gel,

  1. building gels:

  • Easy Work Cover Pink Builder Gel, 7g – thick, camouflaging, in a shade of natural pink,

  • Easy Work Extreme White Gel, 7g - extremely white French styling gel with a creamy consistency,

  • Crystal Pink Gel, 7g - medium thick, pink,

  • Crystal Clear Gel, 7g - thick, transparent,

  • Pink Builder Gel, 7g – medium thick, pink, pudding,

  • French - 3D White Gel, 7g - super thick 3D gel in a white shade,

  1. auxiliary preparation:

  • Nail Prep, 10ml – degreaser.

Try it on your own.

Not tested on animals