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Acrylic Gel - Attitude, 30 ml
Acrylic Gel - Attitude, 30 ml

Acrylic Gel - Attitude, 30 ml

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A combination of acrylic and gel - it is applied similarly to acrylic and hardened in the lamp like a gel.

It can be used to extend and harden nails.

This is the most modern method, even beginners will be able to build perfect nails!

Eight features of Acrylic Gel that will improve the comfort of your work:

  1. It is easy to apply even for beginners.

  2. Nothing flows onto the cuticles during application.

  3. It is odorless.

  4. Saves your working time.

  5. It doesn't sting in the lamp like gel.

  6. You have control over the material until the product hardens.

  7. It is delicate and flexible, making it less susceptible to breakage.

  8. It is compatible with RefomA Gel Polish hybrids.

How to use: In the case of extending or hardening nails, prepare them for styling as usual, then degrease them with Nail Prep , apply Ultrabond and Rubber Base or any Cover Base. Squeeze out the appropriate amount of Acrylic Gel and apply it to your nails using the spatula at the other end of the brush. Gently dip the Acrylic Gel brush in the ReformA Cleanser liquid and shape your nails into the desired shape. If the material sticks to the brush, dip it in Cleanser. Harden. File very gently and apply any Top Gel Polish from ReformA, e.g. Top Coat or Glide Top . ReformA Instructor Tips: Curing time in a UV lamp: 120sec, LED lamp: 30-60sec The hardening time of acrylic-gel products depends on the power of the lamp and bulbs, you should individually check how long the acrylic-gel takes to harden. Try ReformA brushes designed specifically for this technique! The brushes have longer bristles and at the other end of each there is a metal spatula, which makes working with the acrylic-gel technique much easier. Three sizes are available: #4 , #6 and #8 .

Not tested on animals