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Gel Polish - Glide, 3 ml

Gel Polish - Glide, 3 ml

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New capacity of our best hybrid varnishes!

Now hits available in a 3ml MINI bottle!

Gel Polish - This is a new generation in nail care!

Forget about unstable colors, experience super shiny durability with the new Gel Polish ReformA hybrids.

This thin, self-leveling hybrid has excellent adhesion and a delicate scent. Perfect for both natural and artificial nails. Gel Polish hardens quickly, saving you time and protecting your nails. This is a truly new generation in nail care.

Five reasons why you will like Gel Polish:

1. Incredible durability - over 14 days of beautiful, rich color.

2. Dissolves in minutes.

3. Perfect for manicure and pedicure.

4. Easy to apply. They can be painted like regular nail polish.

5. They don't chip or peel for weeks.

Curing time: 2 min in a UV lamp, 1 min in an LED lamp.

Not tested on animals