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Brush ReformA - Ombre
Brush ReformA - Ombre

Brush ReformA - Ombre #5 wood handle

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| EAN: 5055379458056

Ombre Brush #5 is a tool that will change the way you create nail styles, offering ease of use and perfect results. This unique brush is designed to create stunning Ombre, Baby Boomer and Gradient effects, allowing you to achieve your dream look in just a few moments. Its versatility makes it perfect for working with hybrid varnishes, gels and acrylic paints, and the appropriate length and flexibility of the bristles make it ideal for the ombre technique.

Designed for precision and durability, this round decorating, shading and ombre brush has unique, angled bristles. Thanks to this, it allows you to fill a large surface of the nail plate with one stroke, effectively mixing colors and creating smooth transitions without any streaks or air bubbles. Discover the secret of professional nail stylists and enjoy a flawless ombre styling that attracts attention.

Ombre brush #5 Bristle type: synthetic

Not tested on animals