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Brush ReformA - One Stroke Angular
Brush ReformA - One Stroke Angular
Brush ReformA - One Stroke Angular

Brush ReformA - One Stroke Angular #4

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The One Stroke #4 oblique brush is an essential tool for nail art lovers that combines precision with artistic freedom. Its specially designed, evenly cut bristles with ideal density and softness at the ends enable the creation of smooth, delicate color transitions, characteristic of the One Stroke technique.

Thanks to the perfect length and stiffness of the bristles, this brush allows you to apply and spread gel products flawlessly, guaranteeing the precision with which you can achieve both subtle details and more complex patterns. The ergonomically shaped handle ensures comfort of use, which is crucial during long styling sessions.

Designed to work with gels, this brush is perfect for applying building gels and decorating gels. Its width and precise cutting allow you to achieve the perfect gradient, which is the basis of the One Stroke technique.

Create perfect compositions with it using the One Stroke technique, which will surely delight you with their precision and aesthetics. The highest quality nylon bristles guarantee long-lasting performance and satisfaction with each use.

Diagonal brush for the One Stroke technique no.4

Not tested on animals