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Set 7x 10 ml GP - Curtain Up!
Set 7x 10 ml GP - Curtain Up!

Set 7x 10 ml GP - Curtain Up!

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This is a set for those who absolutely do not like hiding in the shadows. If shine and strong colors are your world, you will be delighted. And stunning.

Seven hybrid polishes that enhance your shine are:

  • Ruby – red with golden glitter particles,
  • Burlesque – raspberry with glitter particles,
  • Masquerade – cherry with gold glitter particles,
  • Mystery – plum with golden glitter particles,
  • Yacht – dark blue with glitter particles,
  • Peafowl – bottle green with glitter particles,
  • Get Rich – gold with glitter particles.

Gel Polish is a new generation of nail care!

Forget about unstable and chipping colors, experience the super shiny durability and amazing quality of Gel Polish ReformA hybrid nail polishes.

Nine reasons you'll love them:

1. They have beautiful colors, you will find both juicy neons and delicate nudes, as well as everything in between - over 200 in total and we are constantly introducing new ones!

2. They are easy to apply even for beginners - they have the consistency of yogurt, so they spread very easily.

3. They have a delicate scent.

4. They cure quickly, saving you time and protecting your nails.

5. They have self-leveling properties and excellent adhesion to natural nails, gel, acrylic and acrylic-gel.

6. Perfect for manicure and pedicure.

7. They are incredibly durable.

8. They do not chip or peel.

9. They provide beautiful coverage when applied in 1-2 layers.

All hybrids are available in 10ml in a bottle with a brush, and selected ones also in 3ml .

Also try some amazing bases and tops .

Tips from a ReformA Instructor: When applying the color, remember not to touch the bottom surface with the brush. Gently stroke the brush and apply the varnish in the air - then you will get a smooth and beautiful surface. Apply each color to a previously hardened base and finally cover it with a gloss. Curing time in a UV lamp: 2 min, in an LED lamp: 1 min - 20 sec, in a 48W CCFL lamp: 1 min - 20 sec. The hardening time of gel products and hybrid varnishes depends on the power of the lamp and bulbs, you should individually check how long the hybrid or gel takes to harden.

Not tested on animals