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Brush ReformA Acrylic Gel
Brush ReformA Acrylic Gel

Brush ReformA Acrylic Gel #6

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The #6 double-sided brush with an acrylic paddle is an essential tool for anyone who wants to achieve professional results in styling both gel and acrylic nails. This innovative device combines functionality and versatility, offering on one side a metal spatula and on the other - a brush with rounded bristles.

A metal spatula is an ideal solution for precisely scooping and applying gel or acrylic onto the nail plate. Thanks to it, you can easily and quickly apply the right amount of product, ensuring an even and smooth layer without unnecessary unevenness.

The tip with a brush, made of shaded bristles, is designed for precise application and modeling of gel on nails. The rounded shape of the brush allows you to precisely distribute the product, build the desired shape and create subtle decorations, such as the ombre effect.

This combination of functions makes the double-sided brush with a spatula an extremely practical tool that should be included in the set of every nail stylist, regardless of the level of advancement. It allows you to achieve salon-quality manicure in the comfort of your home, maximizing work efficiency and allowing you to experiment with various nail styling techniques.

Double-sided brush #6 with a spatula for acrylic gel
Step by step: 1. In the case of extending or hardening nails, prepare your nails for styling as always, then degrease them with Nail Prep, apply Ultrabond and Rubber Base or Cover Base. 2. Using a spatula in the brush, squeeze and remove the appropriate amount of AcrylicGel and apply to the nail. Gently dip the AcrylicGel brush in the Cleanser ReformA liquid and shape your nails into the desired shape. If the material sticks to the brush, remember to dip it in Cleanser. Curing time - 30-60sec in an LED lamp. 3. File and apply Top Coat or Glide Top ReformA.

Not tested on animals