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Builder Gel Grape Milk, 50 g

Builder Gel Grape Milk, 50 g

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Thixotropic Builder Gels is a completely new system of building gels from ReformA beauty system. A new generation of gels that meets the needs of the most demanding stylists and new gel techniques.

The thixotropic consistency of the gel (Builder Gel Grape Milk, building gel, milky white) makes it immobile when resting, but when working with a brush it spreads slightly and self-levels on the nail. Creates a perfect shine and does not flow onto the cuticles.

Construction gel, due to its ideal self-leveling properties, significantly facilitates and speeds up work. Its special consistency makes it perfect for extending the corners and short nails without using a template, enabling the extension of nails of any length, correcting the nail architecture and styling nails without the need for filing. Thanks to these properties, construction gel is an irreplaceable tool in every professional beauty salon.

Three gels from the color series have small white matte particles. These inclusions give the nails both sophistication and lightness, for a special manicure. A perfect option for spring and summer, when you want unusual but calm accents.

Creamy liquid memory gel in many colors. The product with an interesting color will be perfect for styling with nail extension templates and dual forms. Thanks to the Thixotropic formula, the gel is easy to level and does not flood the cuticles. It is durable, easy to apply and suitable for extending nails to any length. COLLECTION: Builder Gels Collection COVERAGE: full SHADE: milky white FINISH: smooth FORMULA: creamy, self-leveling DENSITY: thick CAPACITY: 14g and 50g

Not tested on animals