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Camouflage Gel - Marmelo Rose, 14 g
Camouflage Gel - Marmelo Rose, 14 g
Camouflage Gel - Marmelo Rose, 14 g

Camouflage Gel - Marmelo Rose, 14 g

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Camouflage Gel Marmelo Rose from ReformA - is a modeling gel with thixotropic properties (liquid memory) that holds its shape well. This gel is an innovative solution among building gels. Its unique formula provides both strong coverage and flexibility, making it the perfect choice for those looking for both durability and a natural camouflage effect.
Marmelo camouflaging self-leveling gel will be an ideal choice for correcting and extending nails, rebuilding, strengthening squares, repairing broken corners of nails and construction French. It holds its shape perfectly, which allows you to supplement and extend the length in the air, without the need to use forms. Thanks to the Tixotropic formula, working with it is pure pleasure. COLLECTION: Marmelo Camouflage Gel COVERAGE: cover SHADE: light pink FINISH: smooth FORMULA: thixotropic formula, opaque, jelly DENSITY: thick CAPACITY: 14g
Curing time: UV lamp - 120 sec., LED lamp - 60 sec. Application method To apply camouflage gel, start by properly preparing your nails by pushing back the cuticles and lightly polishing the nail surface. Apply a thin layer of base and cure in an LED or UV lamp for the recommended time. Then, using a gel brush, apply a thin layer of Camouflage Gel to your nails, making sure to cover the entire surface of the nail. Cure in the lamp again for the recommended time. If necessary, repeat this process for a second coat to achieve the desired level of opacity. When your nails are evenly covered, you can apply regular hybrid varnish on them. Cure under the lamp again and finish with a top coat for a long-lasting and shiny finish. The biggest advantage of camouflage gel is that it can also be used on its own to achieve a natural and subtle look. Just apply the gel according to the instructions above and skip the colored hybrid. The gel will give your nails a healthy and natural look, perfect for people who prefer a less demanding manicure. To sum up, Camouflage Gel ReformA is a universal and easy-to-use product that will help you achieve a natural and flawless manicure. Other products from the collection Camouflage Gel Marmelo Biscuit, 14 g – art. 940608 Camouflage Gel Marmelo Petal, 14 g – art. 940610 Camouflage Gel Marmelo Nude, 14 g – art. 940613
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Not tested on animals