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Cover Base - Magnetic Mirage, 10 ml
Cover Base - Magnetic Mirage, 10 ml
Cover Base - Magnetic Mirage, 10 ml

Cover Base - Magnetic Mirage, 10 ml

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The Lustrous Night cover base collection by ReformA is a journey to the magical world of the night sky and its endless secrets. Each shade is inspired by the beauty of space, twinkling stars, mysterious landscapes of distant planets. Shiny glitters in each base create a starry sky effect on the nails. Lustrous Night is a collection for those who want to add depth, mystery and refined beauty to their look.

Lustrous Lagoon: This shade is inspired by the peace and mystery of tropical lagoons in the moonlight. Its shiny green glitters resemble shimmering water reflecting a night sky full of stars.

Alluring Aurora: the color of the morning dawn in the polar latitudes, shimmers, reminding you of the magic of the aurora borealis. Each glance at it brings you closer to the secrets of the northern sky, full of wonders and secrets.

Iridescent Illusion: This color creates the illusion of twinkling light, like the first rays of a star breaking through the night sky. It invites dreams of distant galaxies and unexplored worlds.

Prismatic Paradise: a color that embodies the mysterious beauty of the night sky, sparkling like stars in the firmament. It has all the magic of the vast cosmos.

Opalescent Oasis: a magical lilac shade that evokes a mystical oasis in the middle of a starry desert. A reminder that even in the darkest night there is light and beauty to be found.

Scintillating Sky: Deep blue, like the infinite abyss of space, sparkles, creating the impression of a starry sky on the nails.

Spectral Spark: This glitter-filled purple shade is reminiscent of mysterious spectral phenomena in the depths of space.

Ethereal Essence: This light shade resembles the light of distant stars reaching us from the depths of space. It is perfect for creating a style full of lightness and sophistication.

Tinsel Treasure: Light blue, like frozen crystals in the sky, sparkles, creating the illusion of a winter sky. This color will add freshness and inspiration to your look.

Magnetic Mirage: This color will remind you of star mirages, illusory, floating in space. It will emphasize your natural beauty and add mystery to your look.

Shiny Stardust: Dark blue like the vast universe, this base sparkles like stardust scattered throughout the galaxy. It will add depth and majesty to your look.

Gleaming Gemstones: This green shade, sparkling like gemstones, reflects the majesty and mystery of outer space.

Radiant Rainbow: A gray-blue shade with flecks of color, inspired by the feeling when the clouds part after a short morning rain and a rainbow appears in the sky. It's a reminder that beauty can appear unexpectedly, you just have to be able to see it.

Dazzling Diamonds: Light gray, dotted with colorful spots resembling stars in the morning sky.

We are sure that our new covering bases will help you create a wonderful manicure with unparalleled shine. Thank you for choosing ReformA and we wish your nails always remain in excellent condition.

ReformA introduces new cover bases with a unique double gloss effect and rich reflective glitter and shimmering mica particles in every color. Pay special attention to the emerald green, which symbolizes another year of the Green Dragon.

Not tested on animals