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Cover Base - White API, 30 g

Cover Base - White API, 30 g

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Please note that these API bases, while having similar names to their previous versions (Coconut, White, Nude, Light Pink, Milky), have slight color differences. Additionally, they ensure increased product stability and improved adhesive properties. These advantages will become obvious to specialists after the first use.

ReformA Bases Cover API ReformA introduces our most sought-after cover bases, now with an improved and stable API (Advanced Product Improvement) formula. We offer Cover Base Coconut API, Cover Base White API, Cover Base Nude API, Cover Base Light Pink API and Cover Base Milky API, each in unique shades. These bases have even more extraordinary self-leveling properties and are available in the popular 30 gram capacity.
Steps to use API Cover Base: Preparation of the nail plate: Use a file with a grit of 220/240 to remove the shiny surface. Dehydration: Treat the nail plate with a cleansing agent. Preparation: Apply Nail Prep to degrease and prepare the nail plate. Undercoat: Use Ultrabond undercoat to optimize adhesion. Base coat: Apply a thin layer of Rubber Base or Base Coat. Curing the base coat: Cure in a UV lamp for 1 minute. First layer of Cover Base API: Apply a thin layer, cure in a UV lamp for 1 minute. Second layer of Cover Base API: Apply a leveling layer and cure for 1-2 minutes. Shaping: If necessary, adjust the shape with a file to the required angle. Top Coat: Apply a top coat, covering the surface and the free edge of the nail from the back side.
DI-HEMA TRIMETHYLHEXYL DICARBAMATE 41137-60-4 255-239-5 45%, HYDROXYPROPYL METHACRYLATE 27813-02-1 248-666-3 20%, HEMA 868-77-9 212-782-2 15%, ISOBORNYL METHACRYLATE 7534 -94-3 231-403-1 12%, SILICA DIMETHYLSILYLATE 68611-44-9 271-893-4 AEROSIL N/E 4.5%, HYDROXYCYCLOHEXYL PHENYL KETONE 947-19-3 213-426-9 3%, VIOLET 2 81 -48-1 201-353-5 0.5%, TITANIUM DIOXIDE (CI 77891) 13463-67-7 236-675-5 10 MG/M3

Not tested on animals