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SMART acrylic powder - Cover Pink, 100 g

SMART acrylic powder - Cover Pink, 100 g

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| EAN: 5055379400925

ReformA camouflaging acrylic powder from the SMART series.

It has a natural shade of pink and perfectly covers all imperfections of the natural nail plate.

Perfect for modeling nails with a French tip, it is also ideal for extending the nail bed.

A thin layer is enough to tone down defects on the nail plate.

It can be applied directly to the nail plate without first applying transparent powder, which significantly shortens the working time and efficiency of the products.

ReformA acrylics do not turn yellow, do not bubble, do not create marble layers and are very easy to file.

Average polymerization time.

The product is available in capacities: 20g, 100g, 400g.

Polyethylmethacrylate, Benzoyl peroxide, +/- CI77891, CI 15850, CI19140, CI73360

Not tested on animals