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Gel Polish - Opulent Orchid, 10 ml
Gel Polish - Opulent Orchid, 10 ml

Gel Polish - Opulent Orchid, 10 ml

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Opulent Orchid - Enchanted elegance:

Imagine stepping into Lolita's dreams, where lush orchids bloom under the night sky. This hybrid varnish captures the rich, mysterious charm of her dream landscape. With deep purple hues, Opulent Orchid whispers of the secret desires and elegance that Lolita imagines in her dream world.

Lilac Lullaby - Whispers of Innocence:

In Lolita's dreamland, there is a lilac lullaby - a soft, soothing shade that reflects the innocence she wants to protect. This soft, dreamy lilac gel polish paints a picture of quiet moments and tender wishes, inviting you to embrace the purity of her dreams.

Luminous Luster - Twilight Temptation:

Lolita's dreams are often bathed in the seductive glow of twilight, and Luminous Luster captures this enchanting charm. A metallic purple polish with an irresistible shine, reflects the glittering fantasies that dance in her mind, tempting her with its shine.

Sparkle Spectacle - Glamor and glitz:

In Lolita's dreams, every moment is a spectacle, and Sparkle Spectacle captures the effervescent charm of her nightly dreams. This dark purple, glittery polish dazzles like the fantasies surrounding her, adding a bit of sparkle and glitz to her dream landscape.

Violet Vision - Fleeting elegance:

Violet Vision embodies the fleeting elegance that Lolita seeks in her dreams. This deep purple gel polish reflects the complex layers of her subconscious, from fleeting innocence to enigmatic charm. It's a shade that tells the story of her ever-evolving dreamscape.

Lolita's Dream is a collection that invites you to explore the intricate tapestry of Lolita's nocturnal imaginations. With each hybrid nail polish, you can paint your nails with a piece of her dream world, letting her enchanting story come to life through your nail art.

Gel Polish is a new generation of nail care!

Forget about unstable and chipping colors, experience the super shiny durability and amazing quality of Gel Polish ReformA hybrid nail polishes.

Nine reasons you'll love them:

  1. They have beautiful colors, you will find both juicy neons and delicate nudes, as well as everything in between - over 300 in total and we are constantly introducing new ones!
  2. They are easy to apply even for beginners - they have the consistency of yogurt, so they spread very easily.
  3. They have a delicate scent.
  4. They cure quickly, saving you time and protecting your nails.
  5. They have self-leveling properties and excellent adhesion to natural nails, gel, acrylic and acrylic-gel.
  6. They are perfect for manicure and pedicure.
  7. They are incredibly durable.
  8. They do not chip or peel.
  9. They provide beautiful coverage when applied in 1-2 layers.

All hybrids are available in 10ml in a bottle with a brush, and selected ones also in 3ml.

Also try amazing bases and tops.

Lolita's Dream Collection Enter the enchanting world of Lolita's Dream, where the captivating essence of Lolita's innermost desires comes to life in the form of five exquisite hybrid nail polishes. This collection presents a vivid portrait of Lolita's complex character, from her innocence to her charm and the dreams that dance in her mind. With shades like Opulent Orchid, Lilac Lullaby, Luminous Luster, Sparkle Spectacle and Violet Vision, each gel polish captures an aspect of her mesmerizing dreamscape. Immerse yourself in the world of Lolita and express your own interpretation of her story through your nail art.
Tips from a ReformA Instructor: When applying the color, remember not to touch the bottom surface with the brush. Gently stroke the brush and apply the varnish in the air - then you will get a smooth and beautiful surface. Apply each color to a previously hardened base and finally cover it with a gloss. Curing time in a UV lamp: 2 min, in an LED lamp: 1 min - 20 sec, in a Dual LED 48W lamp: 30 - 20 sec. The hardening time of gel products and hybrid varnishes depends on the power of the lamp and bulbs, you should individually check how long the hybrid or gel takes to harden.
ACRYLATES COPOLYMER 25035-69-2 25-50%, ETHYL METHACRYLATE 97-63-2 20-45%, TRIMETHYLOLPROPANE TRIACRYLATE 15625-89-5 15-35%, ETHYL ACETATE 141-78-6 1-5%, DIMETHICONE 9016 -00-6, ISOPROPYL TITANIUM TRIISOSTEARATE 61417-49-0 1-5%, MICROCRYSTALLINE WAX 63231-60-7 1-5%, HYDROXYCYCLOHEXYL PHENYL KETONE 947-19-3 1-5%, MICA 12001-26-2 0 -4 %, ULTRAMARINES 12769-96-9 CI 77007 0-4 %, RED 7 5858-81-1 CI 15850, IRON OXIDE 12227-89-3 CI 77499, BLUE 1 3844-45-9 CI 42090 CI 42090 0- 4%, FERRIC FERROCYANIDE 14038-43-8 CI 77510 0-4%, YELLOW 5 12225-21-7 CI 19140 0-4%, VIOLET 2 81-48-1 CI 60725 0-4%, BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE 7787-59 -9 CI 77163 0-4%, RED 30 2379-74-0 CI 73360 0-4%, RED 34 6417-83-0 CI 15880 0-4%, BLACK 2 1333-86-4 CI 47000 0- 4% , YELLOW 11 8003-22-3 CI 47000 0-4%, ALUMINUM POWDER 7429-90-5 CI 77000 0-4%, IRON OXIDE 1345-25-1 CI 77491 0-4%

Not tested on animals