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Gel Polish - Tizzano, 10 ml
Gel Polish - Tizzano, 10 ml
Gel Polish - Tizzano, 10 ml
Gel Polish - Tizzano, 10 ml
Gel Polish - Tizzano, 10 ml

Gel Polish - Tizzano, 10 ml

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The CORSICA collection from ReformA is a real treat for lovers of holiday styling. The color Tizzano, neon lime, is the essence of summer climate closed in a bottle. Intense, bright, and at the same time delicately covering, it brings to mind a carefree holiday under the palm trees. For even deeper color saturation, use our Coconut White Api base and feel the difference!

Features of the Corsica Collection:

  • Neon colors : Vivid, expressive colors perfect for summer.
  • Consistency : Yogurt, which guarantees easy application.
  • Coverage : Perfect after 1-2 layers.
  • Capacity : 10 ml.

Why you will love Gel Polish ReformA:

  1. Rich color palette : Over 300 shades - from intense neons to subtle nudes.
  2. Ease of application : Perfect for beginners thanks to its yogurt consistency.
  3. Fast curing : Saves time and protects your nails.
  4. Self-leveling properties : Excellent adhesion to various surfaces.
  5. Longevity : Durable, no chipping or peeling.
  6. Great coverage : Just one layer gives an amazing effect.
  7. Delicate scent : Makes the manicure process more pleasant.
  8. Versatility : Perfect for both manicure and pedicure.

Bring summer to your nails with ReformA and feel the magic of Corsica in every shade!

Choose your favorite shades and enjoy a flawless holiday manicure all summer long. Each bottle of Corsica hybrid varnish is a promise of a tropical adventure - don't wait, discover them all!

The CORSICA collection will electrify you with its vivid colors and take you to the sunny shore of this island. Tizzano's color is a shade of neon lime. Intense, bright, created for summer manicure, with delicate coverage, it will remind you of holidays. If you want to increase the saturation of the neon, use the Coconut White Api base. Bring back summer with ReformA. COLLECTION: Corsica SHADE: neon, yellow, lime, green, bright, striking, intense COVERAGE: 1-2 layers CONSISTENCY: yogurt CAPACITY: 10ml.
Tips from a ReformA Instructor: When applying the color, remember not to touch the bottom surface with the brush. Gently stroke the brush and apply the varnish in the air - then you will get a smooth and beautiful surface. Apply each color to a previously hardened base and finally cover it with a gloss. Curing time in a UV lamp: 2 min, in an LED lamp: 1 min - 20 sec, in a Dual LED 48W lamp: 30 - 20 sec. The hardening time of gel products and hybrid varnishes depends on the power of the lamp and bulbs, you should individually check how long the hybrid or gel takes to harden.

Not tested on animals