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Metallic Gel, 7 g

Metallic Gel, 7 g

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Product features:

High Pigmentation: The gel paint has a rich silver color, providing even coverage and vibrant color.

Precise Application: Optimized for use with professional nail art brushes, it allows you to draw sharp lines and create a variety of stylish patterns.

Self-leveling formula: The gel paint does not spread and provides a smooth surface after application.

Versatility: Suitable for creating a variety of styling elements, including fine lines, French manicures and stamping on natural and artificial nails.

No dispersion layer: simplifies the work process, there is no need to remove the dispersion layer after hardening.

Metallic Gel ReformA is a gel paint without a sticky layer with a unique silver mirror shade that gives the manicure the effect of liquid metal. You can use it for decorations, ornaments, geometric shapes, painting thin lines, French manicure and as a uniform nail color. With its help, you can conjure up magical decorations and fancy 3D patterns! COVERAGE: full SHADE: silver mirror FINISH: metallic, mirror CAPACITY: 7g FORMULA: no wipe
Important: Metallic Gel ReformA is not intended to be used as a stand-alone coating. After hardening, it is recommended to apply a top coat, i.e. Top Coat. Curing time: In a UV lamp – 2 minutes; in the LED lamp - 60-90 seconds. Directions for use: Before use, it is recommended to mix thoroughly to distribute the pigment evenly. It is recommended to apply a thin layer.
DI-HEMA TRIMETHYLHEXYL DICARBAMATE 41137-60-4 255-239-5 70-80%, HEMA 868-77-9 212-782-2 10-15%, HYDROXYPROPYL METHACRYLATE 27813-02-1 248-666-3 10- 15%, Ethyl Trimethybenzoyl PhenylphINATE 84434-11-7 282-810-6 1-3%, Hydroxycyclohexyl Phenyl Ketone 947-19-3 213-426-9 1-3%, aluminum Powder 7429-90-5 231-072- 3 1-3%

Not tested on animals