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Ultrabond Primer, 10 ml

Ultrabond Primer, 10 ml

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Acid-free primer! - a modern and safer preparation that ensures better adhesion of the material.
Thanks to the remaining sticky layer, it creates the effect of "double-sided tape".
It does not contain dyes or aromas and does not penetrate the lower layers of the nail plate.
Used after applying a layer of Nail Prep.
Ultrabond Primer does not require curing in a UV lamp.
Leaves a slightly sticky layer.

Ultrabond Primer, acid-free, preparing the natural nail plate to accept gel, acrylic and hybrid. It guarantees the durability of the styling and eliminates the risk of air pockets. Capacity: 10 ml Function: Plate preparation Product features: Acid-free primer, supports adhesion (after evaporation, it leaves a white, matte coating). Our bestselling "double-sided tape". The product ensures even better adhesion of the base to the nail plate thanks to its unique formula, which will ensure that the client will return for the next visit with a manicure free from air pockets and chips. Ultrabond Primer is an acid-free product, used after degreasing the Nail Prep plate. apply it in a thin layer with a brush, avoiding the cuticles, and wait a while until it evaporates.
*Apply thinly to all nails, it works great with any technique.

Not tested on animals